Hand For Hire


Have an idea for a book and want to work with an experienced editor? In need of a writing consultant or tutor? Looking for a second set of eyes to catch all those pesky typos? Need a quick critique? Looking for an authentic, yet versatile voice to revise or create your web copy? Say no more and look no further.

As a writing consultant, I am happy to accept short form projects (essays, articles, web copy, letters, personal statements, treatments, etc. [10,000 words or fewer]), and longer works (nonfiction book manuscripts, long-form essays, dissertations and theses, proposals, etc. [over 10,000 words]) as my schedule permits. I live by the writing process, so my consultation services reflect the stages of the tried and true method: Pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading.

It’s an impulse to lend my helping hand whenever words are involved, even if it's just to offer advice. Let’s work together. Review my consultation packages and see how I can help.

*Service charges are determined after free preliminary consultation.

Photo cred: CreateHER Stock

Photo cred: CreateHER Stock