Consultation Packages

Service Packages

I live by the writing process. All of my consultation services reflect the stages of this method. You may select one or any of the packages that fit your needs. I do offer student discounts and flexibility in my prices. To clarify my price ranges, lower prices represent costs for shorter works while the higher amounts for long projects.

Package 1:

Pre-writing Consult

$25 (after the first free)

Not the same as preliminary consult, but your first 30 minute PWC is free!

We will have a 30 to 60-minute conversation to brainstorm your project idea. Talking it out often helps the writer make sense of the ideas that have been housed in their heads all this time. These conversations often lead to a once blank page replete with thought.

Pre-writing consults can usually be satisfied in one session; however, any additional PWCs after the first: $25.

Package 2:

Draft Development


You write intently. I advise closely: Your work is all yours; that is first and foremost. I will provide guidance on content development for your project. Be advised that DD is not the same as ghostwriting. Depending on my level of involvement in draft development, I may require explicit credit as “Co-author” or “Editor.”

Package 3:



We review your draft together for big picture concepts. This is a content-focused critique, a detailed reading and analysis of the draft’s presentation of ideas, strengths and weaknesses. Comment and suggestion-heavy. Changes will be tracked.

Package 4:

Easy Edits


Line editing is meant to enhance the effect and flow of words and sentences. Areas of interest in this stage include word choice, sentence structure, etc. The goal in EE is to stylistically improve your content while maintaining your original voice. Changes will be tracked.

Package 5:

Proof Package


Multiple meticulous reads for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, typo issues.

DD, RR, EE packages all include this phase.

Package 6:

Documentation Review

Hang tight! This package is TBD.