About Amara

Alright, so boom: In 2011, I received my B.A. in English from Norfolk State University. Shortly after that, I ventured back to my old home-state of New Jersey to earn my M.A., concentrated in rhetoric and writing, from Monmouth University. I graduated in 2015 and have been pursuing peace and passion as a writer, consultant, and educator ever since. I teach first-year English at two HBCUs, including my undergrad alma mater, in addition to my freelance career.

But really, my thing is nonfiction writing — personal essays and social reflections. I write to fill my silence. I do it to better understand the human drama. A millennial voice in the key of revision. In all of our strife and successes, as we all try to "figure it all out” and learn from our missteps. Finding the courage to speak and share experiences is as much of a feat for our generation as it is to be heard.

So I created my own space, AmaraHandWrites, to actively put myself and ideas out there. A space to do my own thing without fear. To make something of my ambitions and all these random ideas like it's my job. Because that is my job. To build worlds with my words. Because doing the write thing is right for me.

Wanna learn more? Peruse my pages, or hit my Contact page.