Amara is an incredible writer. I would recommend her to any ad agency, personal brand, etc. Her writing is beautiful. She takes direction great and she creates really powerful copy that will move you and leave you in awe. Thanks, Amara!

— Dani, Consultant

I have used Amara’s services, specifically with editing, a couple of times and I’ve been extremely satisfied with the quality of work. Amara is very knowledgeable and professional; she exceeded my expectations especially with adhering to my tight deadlines. As an editor, she improved the readability of my documents by making sentence structure changes and helped to clarify some items without changing the meaning. In the end, my documents were tremendously enhanced and error-free. I would definitely use her services again in the future and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

— Porché, Doctoral Candidate at FSU

Amara’s writing is captivating. Her words have personality and style; they tell a story that paints a picture to the inner eye. 
When I was looking for someone to write my husband’s birthday article (as a gift, I put together a magazine to celebrate his 30th), Amara was by far the best choice. I love reading her work, and I knew she could infuse my husband’s big heart and personality into her clever words. I wanted people to feel as if they were witnessing his accomplishments firsthand. Wanting the words to spring to life from the page was the most important factor when I selected a writer. I didn’t have any requirements other than make it compelling and true to his story. I provided Amara with a biography that my husband recently used at work and told her a few details about his life she could use to season the article. She asked a few questions and quickly went to work. Without delay and well ahead of schedule, Amara provided me with a working draft. I assumed she would only write a couple of paragraphs, but when I received the draft I was floored. Amara thought outside the box. She identified 30 of his life accomplishments and made a listicle, a written timeline of his top thirty life accomplishment. It was innovative, easy to read, and it saved money on page space. I had not thought of page space and the associated cost until the magazine went to print. She understood the business aspects of printing, which significantly reduced costs. That was the moment I realized not only is Amara such a creative writer, but she understands the details that separate great writers and authors from the rest of the world. I highly recommend Amara for any freelance writing, editing, and article creation.

— Marshai, Technical Analyst
Northern Virginia

I have had the pleasure of working with Amara since 2015, when I hired her as a Proposal Writer for the company I was working for. Fresh out of grad school, Amara was eager to share her love for the written word. I hired her as an entry level writer with our proposal development team, and she was an asset to the team from the very beginning.  Amara quickly became our go-to wordsmith when we needed to edit a résumé or bio, or to create and edit text for technical and project management portions of our proposals. 
When she decided to branch out on her own as a consultant, I hired her to edit my son’s scholarship application. Amara helped him create a compelling essay, for which he was awarded $16,000 toward his college education costs. In 2017, I was faced with the challenge of developing my company’s content library. Once again, I called on Amara to consult as a Content Manager. She edited more than 500 content entries and uploaded them into the Qvidian database. She is a consummate professional who gets the job done in a timely manner. 
She is always courteous, patient, reliable, and such a pleasure to work with. Whenever I need a writer who can jump right in and get the job done, I call on Amara.

Tamara, Co-owner and Managing Partner